Cooking is not a matter of everyone, because it is an art. But now how to cook is a joke With the help of these apps and sites.

Improve your cooking skills by trying out these useful sites and apps

If you do not know cooking at all, then it is not easy for you to prepare new recipes. But today a lot of cooking related sites and apps have come, where you can learn to make recipes of your choice in a few minutes. So let's know about them quickly and improve cooking skills.


This is for users who do not know cooking or preparing delicious dishes. Information about all kinds of recipes is provided on this site. If you want to prepare any recipe quickly, here is the section on Quick and Easy Recipes. You can scroll through it and choose the recipes of your choice. The good thing is that every month new recipes are added and a new list of newly added recipes is given. You can also use the advanced search tool for dish search. If you do not understand which dish to make, then you can use filters. This will make it easier to choose the dishes of your choice. Here recipes can also be selected according to ingredients and diet. After signing in, it is possible to save favorite recipes with notes and reviews. If not much is known about cooking, then watch the video series of Epicureus. This will help in learning the basics of cooking. Here you can search for breakfast, lunch, dessert, drink, healthy and quick and easy recipes in Quick Links.


If you do not know anything about cooking, then you can visit this site. It is a great platform for users starting cooking. You can create an account for free here. The advantage will be that you can save the recipes of your choice for later preparation. Its specialty is that it allows you to search for recipes according to the ingredients available in your refrigerator. Also, in this you get a menu planner. With its help, we can prepare the menu plan for the coming week. Here is a reference chart for the amount of ingredients to be used during cooking. You can also browse recipes based on meal type, diet and health, dish type, world cuisine, ingredient, seasonal, cooking style. Apart from this, one can also see the list of popular recipes here. If you do not know about cooking at all, then you can take help of the videos given here. With this help, cooking will be easy for you. Apart from this, the facility to personalize its home page according to the recipes of your choice has also been given.